Bettinardi Golf

In an era in which many manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to move their operations overseas, Bettinardi Golf is proud to be one of the few putter makers to have remained in the United States. Despite numerous offers to set up facilities in China and elsewhere, Robert J. Bettinardi remains committed to his staff, his community, and ultimately his dream to produce the finest putters requiring extreme attention to detail. As he notes, “Right now, my office is 15 feet from the shop floor where I can see every piece being created and I can feel confident putting my name on it. I couldn’t do that if my shop were 6,000 miles away…”
Dedication to quality means dedication to quality craftsmen. The highest quality craftsmen are found in the United States of America. They are the force behind Bettinardi Golf’s success. For that, we cannot thank them enough. When you try a Bettinardi Putter, you’ll want to thank them, too.

Commitment. Bettinardi.

In 1990, Robert J. Bettinardi had a dream: To craft the finest putters in the world. Guided by the principle of design intent and fueled by the passion for his craft, Bettinardi puts his heart and soul in every piece he makes in order to, as he states, “…make a golfer a better putter while creating something truly special.”