Bettinardi BB54

NEW BB54 October 26, 2012 BB54 is designed and built around one of Bettinardi’s most popular and successful model, the Baby Bee Accelerator model. The Baby Bee putter captured the 2003 US Open at Olympia Fields, IL. Bettinardi has used modern technology to alter the Baby Bee design concept and...

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Bettinardi BB54 PROTOTYPE

BB54 PROTO Burnt Orange Belly Registration Number: RJB4150 Year Milled: 2012 Putter Model: BB-54 Material: Aluminum Finish: Colored Anodized Head Weight: 400 Grams Offset: None Neck Style: Heel Shaft Toe Hang: Face Balanced BB54 PROTO Burnt Orange with Colored Anodized finish. F.I.T. face with heel shaft. BETTINARDI and BB54 PROTO engraved on the sole. Hex logo on the face...

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