303 Milled Stainless Steel Putters


MADE from the best 303 stainless steel available right here in Chicago by a local Machinist who's been designing and making putters for over 20 years. Hand finished by a local legend in the golf industry Glenn Zagorski spent several years working with the PGA Tour players out on the Tour. Glenn has mastered the art of finishing and polishing putters for the best players in golf !

If you see a Bettinardi you like feel free to make an reasonable offer we might just accept it. As you can see we have a huge Inventory of Bettinardi Putters so feel free to contact us with any questions.

Exotic Leather Goods 

James Ingles Putters formed in 2009 with the idea to use the best craftsmen to make the highest quality hand made custom putters.

There are many different definitions as to what constitutes 'hand-made'. We work from the same principles as best London gunmakers.

Starting with a raw forging or billet of steel we use a hand-operated mill to roughly mill the head. Then, using chisels and files, finally shape the head before polishing and buffing. Every putter is unique and made one at a time; we do not use any computer controlled machinery.

All our production putters are made from high quality forgings from a forging house with awards from Rolls Royce Aerospace amongst others.

Charles Hellis & Sons are unique within the London gun trade: meshing innovation with old fashioned values of craftsmanship. We use the same, very best London craftsmen, to make all our putters.

We are proud and honored to be able to offer these beautiful pieces of art by Kari Lajosi.

Precision milled Repair Tools and Ball Markers

W.Kleinberg Exotic Leather