His objective clear, Robert Bettinardi set out in 1991 and began crafting some of the world's finest putters. Already a master engineer milling parts for the defense and medical industries, his talents were sharp and appropriate to make the move into the world of golf. After creating some of his own prototypes, Bettinardi was soon designing and producing putters alongside some of the industry's best and was in demand by golf's top OEM's. Over the next seven years Bettinardi would hone his skills and become recognized as the premier engineer of One-Piece milled putters.

He was prepared and eager to put his own name on the putters he created and in 1998 Bettinardi Golf was born. Some of the original prototypes from that era are among the most sought-after by collectors today. His first milestone came in 1999 when Jesper Parnevik shot 23 under par for a tournament record 265 at the Greater Greensboro Open using a Bettinardi BB-10. A few years later with major tournament wins by Jim Furyk and Vijay Singh would seal the deal: Bettinardi was the name in milled putters.

Bettinardi's staff has grown from a mere handful in the 90's to now over 50 employees designing, crafting, and fitting One-Piece putters (and now high-end, stylish Buckles) for players around the world.